The event process
In this section, we are going to highlight the event process.
An event is a planned public or social occasion which takes place at a specific date. It can occur in a certain place which is called Venue in the Eventic scope, or it can be online, specially with the current COVID-19 circumstances.

How is an event added in Eventic?

    Organizers create an account
    Once in their dashboard, they localte the My events section and click on the Add Event button.
    They add their event information and Save the draft
    They preview their event page, and click on Publish to put their event tickets on sale
    Attendees find the event and buy tickets, they receive a ticket by email containing a QR Code which they use to attend the event
    Both the administrator and the organizer can follow the event sales reports and detailed statistics
    Organizers can use Point Of Sales accounts assigned to the event to sell tickets and get paid in cash
    Scanners accounts can be used to log in into the Scanner Mobile Application to scan the QR Codes or they can log in into the scanner dashboard to register attendees via the web


Only the organizers can add events
An event can have multiple event dates, in this case a calendar will appear in the event page
An event date can have multiple tickets, each ticket have it's own quantity, price, and sales dates
The cart can contain multiple tickets from multiple event dates, from different organizers
Once an event is elapsed, it does no longer appear in the search results, but it is still accessible by its direct link
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