The payout request process
In this section, we are going to highlight the payout process, from its request, to its approval


A payout is requested by an organizer in order to receive his revenue for a specific event date.


A payout can only be requested if:
    At least one payout method is already set by the organizer
    The event date has a ticket that is not free
    The organizer revenue from this event date is greater than zero
    There is no other pending payout request

How is a payout requested in Eventic?

    Organizers go the My events section in their dashboard
    Select the three points next to the event, and choose Request payout
    Choose the specific event date
    Review the payout request details, choose a payment method from the ones you have set up and confirm
    The administrator can approve the payout request or deny it
    A payment form depending on the payment method chosen by the organizer will open, the administrator will fill in the fields to pay the organizer
    Email notification are sent once the payout request is processed
Once the payout request submitted, the event date will be locked and the sales will be suspended for the specific event date. Organizers can wait until the start date of the event date before requesting the payout. Organizers can cancel the payout request any time before it is processed.
The administrator can enable or disable the available payout method the Payment settings
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