Mail Server
The Mail Server settings are required in order to send some critical emails like the account verification link, order confirmation or password reset link. We will guide you through this section to set it up.

Mail Server Settings

      SMTP: if you have an SMTP server at your disposal
      Gmail: if you wish to use your Gmail account
      Sendmail: if you wish to use the Sendmail transfer agent
    Host: The server host name or ip adrress
    Port: The port used for outgoing emails
      None: No encryption
      SSL: to use Secure Sockets Layer
      TLS: to use Transport Layer Security
    Username: The email or username of your account
    Password: Your account's password

Gmail configuration

In case you want to use your Gmail account to send out emails, you should use the following configuration:
    Transport: Gmail
    Host: localhost
    Encruption: None
    Username: Your Gmail account email
    Password: Your Gmail account password
You have to allow Less secure apps to access your Gmail account, follow this link for more information https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/6010255
Last modified 1yr ago