Domain Name
You should already ordered a domain name from the various domain name registrars available.
Your chosen domain name have to point to the /public directory at the root of your project.
If your app does not live at the root of your web server nor in a subdomain (i.e. it lives under a subdirectory, like /myAppSubdirectory), you will need to configure that in the webpack.config.js file at the root of your project. Please contact us (and send us the subdirectory) so we can generate the appropriate configuration files for your project
Symfony Official Documentation Article about this matter:
Please also note that the menu and footer links can be broken if you host the platform in a subdirectory.
  • https://www.yourdomain.com
  • https://yourdomain.com
  • https://eventic.yourdomain.com
Not recommended
  • https://www.yourdomain.com/myAppSubdirectory
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