Is this section, you are able to customize the platform menus.
There are four editable menus in Eventic that you can manage:
To begin, navigate to Administrator Dashboard > Settings > Menus, in the same section, click on the dots icon to the right of the menu you want to edit:
Below, we are going to explain every field in the menu form

Header text

The header text is a translatable text field which contains the text of the menu
The header text is only used as a title for the footer sections menus
Menu elements are the links that are contained in a menu. You have to add at least one menu element in a menu. A menu element contains the following fields:


You can optionally add an icon which you can choose from an icon picker

Link Text

The link text is the text that appears within a link (this is a translatable field)

Link destination page

The select field that appears in the field contains all the pages that are generated in the platform. Dynamic pages such as events, blog posts, help center articles... also appear in the list.
The No link, display featured categories dropdown on hover (header menu only) option can only be selected in the header menu. It will show a dropdown on hover over the link which contains the featured categories list which can be managed under the event categories section.
The Display top 4 featured categories (footer section menu only) option can only be selected in the footer section menus. It will show the top four featured categories links

Custom link

You are to insert a link to another page (in or out of the platform) in this field
To change the order of the menu elements, click on the Move up or Move down buttons
To remove a menu element, click on the Remove button
To add a new menu element, click on the Add button in the bottom of the form