Change log
17/01/2021 - Version 1.2
- Add Spanish language
- Improved PHP version verification in the setup wizard
- The default locale must be selected in the available languages
- At least one language has to be selected in the available locales
- When there is only language, the language select in the footer is hidden
- When the contact email address is not provided, the contact form is hidden
- Fixed a bug where the phone number is displayed as the fax number in the footer
- Added page form fields validation
- Manageable currencies list (code and symbol), with search
- Deleted PaymentSettingsType as it is not used anymore, the payment settings form is generated in the controller
- Changed the ticket fees (online) maximum from 100 to 1000000
- Removed the required indicator from the app layout settings form when not necessary
- Removed the required indicator from pos checkout form when not necessary
- On checkout error, redirect to dashboard index instead of the referer
- PDF ticket translation (only arabic is displayed in English)
- Added translations for some missing words
- Fixed the PDF ticket UTF-8 problem in some servers
- Added the Free and Pos payment gateways in initial-database sql file
- Some features are disabled in demo mode
07/01/2021 - Version 1.1
- Session file are now stored in the /sessions folder instead of the default php tmp folder
- Fixed a bug where the website title which is loaded from the cache does not change on some servers
01/01/2021 - Version 1.0
- Initial release
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